Businessman Ion Radulea announces the launch of a new phase of Sema Parc real estate project,, November 2014

Sema Group, controlled by businessman Ion Radulea, announces the launch of a new phase, consisting of two office buildings, the building project developed on the site of the former factory Semanatoarea Grozavesti area of ​​Bucharest, after a break of more than 5 years.

 "Sema Group Launches New Project Sema, developing intermediate stage Office Office 3 and 4, a new great project, able to redefine the image of European capital Bucharest through a bold and innovative vision," it said in an announcement Sema Parc.

Sema is developed on the site of the former factory Semanatoarea Splaiul Independence, which was relocated. The project, announced since 2006, was intended to be developed over a period of 15 years and include a business park, a residential area with about 1,320 residential units, a commercial area of ​​"shopping village", a hotel, but and buildings for social services - school, hospital.

The platform has an area of ​​40 hectares, and the first phase was completed in 2007 including two office buildings of 50,000 square meters, purchased in 2006 by Europolis investment fund (now CA Immo) for 90 million euros.

The second phase of the project was originally composed of four office buildings and some residential areas. In 2009, Radulea told AFP that has invested 30 million euros for the second phase of the building project from a total of 140 million planned for 2009-2011, and as for the rest of the funds are trying to find solutions funding. Since then the company has not communicated anything about the project.

Investing in Sema Parc project was estimated at that time to 1.7 billion euros, but the continuation of the project was halted due to lack of funding.

Radulea direct and indirect shareholder in the company Sema, which manages and industrial park of the same name, after the concession for a period of 30 years has an area of ​​325,906 square meters of land together with the buildings located on an area of ​​82.896 sqm it. The management company has obtained the consent of the authorities to set up an industrial park on the former Semanatoarea platform on an area of ​​16.5 hectares.

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Licenses and certifications

The industrial park title was granted to Sema Parc under the Order No. 130/04.02.2004 issued by the Ministry of Administration and Interior, and published in the Official Gazette Part I no. 134 dated 16.02.2004, as amended by Order no. 533/02.07.2008 issued by the Ministry of Interior and Administrative Reform and....