Demand for office space was doubled in the first quarter in Bucharest and major cities

Demand for office space in Romania in the first quarter totaled approximately 140,000 square meters, of which one third is rented spaces outside Bucharest, in cities such as Iasi, Timisoara, Cluj-Napoca and Brasov.

"Office market continues to perform very well this year. The demand new (pre-lettings and new contracts) has accumulated over 70,000 square meters, ie half the market. This shows that Romania remains attractive to investors. Moreover, wave hire outside the capital creates an attractive investment environment and competitive local market and the emergence of big names in various fields could attract in the future and other international players, "said Claudia Cetăţoiu, senior consultant Tenant Representation JLL Romania.

The structure shows that cities in Bucharest, demand was nearly 100,000 square meters in the first quarter, double the leased area in the corresponding period last year. In the capital, the largest transaction was 13,000 square meters, is but an extension of an existing contract.

Iasi compete this year with Bucharest, registering one of the two largest transactions in the period January to March 2016, respectively 13,000 square meters, the agreement JLL represented the tenant.

Iasi were traded in 17,200 square meters in Timisoara, 16,300 square meters, the runners finishing in Brasov and Cluj-Napoca.

In total in major cities, office area traded in the first three months was about 41,000 square meters compared to 18,800 square meters in the corresponding period of 2015.

Companies in the field of BPO, ICT and professional services continues to drive the demand and this year in Romania, with over 60% of the transacted in the first quarter, while banking and financial services have rented 10,000 square meters, and companies FMCG signed contracts for 3,000 square meters. (Source:

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