Commercial Court in Bucharest rents 3,000 sqm in Sema Parc

Commercial Court in the capital, a specialist where the judge commercial disputes and where the parties' time and money matters most, "will open on 1 October in the real estate complex Sema Parc, nearly two years after the launch of the project and the procedure for finding and renting a space.

Sema Parc

Our values

1. Customer satisfaction Satisfaction and exceeding customer expectations is the philosophy of every employee, and this is the nucleus around which we conduct business around. We are constantly concerned with professional development and maintaining the highest level of satisfaction to our customers. 2. Professionalism Each member of team Sema Parc is a professional in....

Licenses and certifications

The industrial park title was granted to Sema Parc under the Order No. 130/04.02.2004 issued by the Ministry of Administration and Interior, and published in the Official Gazette Part I no. 134 dated 16.02.2004, as amended by Order no. 533/02.07.2008 issued by the Ministry of Interior and Administrative Reform and....